Moving from hosted Movable Type to Wordpress

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    Forgive me if I am reposting a topic that may already have been covered. Only, I could not get a clear answer while searching.

    I currently have my own domain blog on Movable Type 3.2, hosted with a hosting company.
    I would now want to make use of the free hosting with WordPress, with my own domain and Email via Google Apps, which I currently already use.

    Is there a current source of information as to the various steps I would need to follow to transfer my existing MT blog to WordPress. Like a step-by-step guide. I am an average user of MT and WordPress so not that much technically challenged !

    Would I be thinking on the right lines if my To-Do list shows as: (I would then need to work out the process by which each step is achieved – that’s where I need the forum’s help)

    1. Back up existing blog (it is exported in a .txt file)
    2. Create free blog on WordPress.
    3. Import .txt file into WordPress blog.
    4. Map domain to my domain name
    5. Map domain to enable Email by Google apps for domain
    6. Start spending money and buy the upgrades ;-) (Knowing me and customizations, I am sure I will be doing that in the near future)!

    Hope the forum can help!

    R J



    Yes, that all sounds good to me. Be sure to post back if you hit any snags.


    AFAIK, you’ll need to start spending for the upgrades around step 4 – mapping a domain name doesn’t work unless you’ve paid for domain mapping on (typing in your domain will land you on the front page of, not your blog).

    also, if you’ve already bought your domain name, and are controlling it through your own control panel, you should be able to set your MX records there. as i understand it, the new MX record feature is for people who bought their domain from



    Thanks Wank and ‘kamel.

    I am on the brink of signing up for the domain map upgrade.

    However what I am concerned about is what I would need to do from my old blog on MT3.2 prior to and/or after changing the nameservers point to by wordpress blog?

    My import went absolutely without a hitch. I had to do a ‘delete all posts and comments’ since I need to point the author’s name to a specific username.
    Like I said, all without a hitch.

    However, many of my entries have images which point to old host’s servers.
    When I change the nameservers, will this break all the ‘img src’ links and create dead links?

    If so, would I need to FTP these images back to my hard-drive and upload to boxnet or some such free image storage site? That’s gonna take some work. Ouch!

    (PS: this is my ‘admin’ of my blog hat that I am wearing!! Excuse the change in username…need to get my head screwed on right!)



    The images will need to be stored on a another hosting site or at wordpress servers and the img src links changed to point to the location.

    That’s going to take some doing!



    Yup many bloggers have uploaded hundreds of them.



    It’s been suggested:

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