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Moving from hosted non-WP website to

  1. trinitynursery2013

    My current website is not a WordPress website and it is hosted at I am creating a new website with which is currently called

    My plan is to map the domain at WP, make primary, and change the nameservers at DreamHost to point to, so when folks go to they will go to my new website.

    My question: what can I do to prevent visitors trying to access my old pages from getting an Error 404 Page Not Found?

    For example, my current "products" page is My new "products" page will be

    Can I somehow redirect them from all of the old pages either to the new pages, or to

    I checked with DreamHost, but they said to check with WordPress.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. trinitynursery2013

    Hmm. I thought I had. Is my question answered in the "New URLs" bullet? It happens automatically? I don't have to do anything? That would be sweet!

    I guess when I read "... and existing blog with posts ..." I didn't translate that to mean web pages. How do they know where to redirect visitors? My WP website is very different from my old website.


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