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    I’d like to move my blog hosted on Hostmonster to keeping my domain.
    In order to transfer my domain to WordPress I need to give someone o insert somewhere my epp code. Domain mapping is not the solution, as I’d prefer not to pay twice for may domain…
    Can anybody help me with this?
    thank you

    The blog I need help with is



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    You can’t transfer a domain name to WordPress.COM – but you can map the domain name to a blog here – but you need to keep the registration not at WordPress.COM – so you don’t pay twice

    Domain mapping is currently $ 13.– / year

    You can export your old blog and import the content here


    thank you auxclass.
    actually i do pay twice: for the domain itself and for mapping it (13$)…
    as i said, Domain mapping is not the solution…
    thanks anyway



    Domain mapping IS the solution. You pay only once, for the domain mapping. For the domain itself, well, you said you already own it.



    When you were at Hostmonstor they built in the cost of the domain mapping into your regular hosting costs – at WordPress.COM the base blog is free and domain mapping does take extra work on the part of WordPress.COM – compared to the cost of other hosting and the massive ability of blogs here to handle high traffic the $ 13.– / year is a real bargain


    Yes, it’s a real bargain but now i’m paying 18$ /y with domain mapping i’ll pay 18$ + 13$ /Y, is not convenient.
    Thank you anyone caring about this issue.



    You bought the mapping service from Hostmonster and now you want to buy the mapping service from WordPress. Of course you have to pay.

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