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    I had to sign up for a blog in order to ask a question here. I don’t actually want one for myself. My husband has a blog through iWeb which will disappear in June and wanted me to do the research. I have found the link in the forums for having you do the import by exporting RSS feeds. Still I have some questions.

    1. I know that the comments from the archived iWeb will not carry over, but will the photos? Are they part of the RSS feed? They are an important part of my husband’s blog.

    2. There are essentially two parts to this transfer. The first will be the archived iWeb blogs on WordPress and the second will be his new blog through WordPress. Are they one and the same? Is there a reason to have two separate blogs? It would be great if they could be together. He would like to have comments on the new blog so would having the import from the old one affect that?

    3. His blog is already set up a certain way. How does that work with the new WordPress ?

    4. Is there a way to figure out how much space his iWeb blog takes up so we can determine whether or not to get a data storage upgrade?

    Thanks for your help on this



    1) comments should actually carry over. Images should as well.

    2) I’m not following you. You can’t import a blog here except into a blog that you’ve set up. Unless you’re talking about him importing the old blog into one blog and starting a new, totally separate one. He can have as many as he wants.

    3) without knowing what “in a certain way” means, we can’t answer. If you’re talking about themes, no. That will have to be completely different.

    4) Unless he uploaded video and/or audio to his blog, it’s unlikely it will require a space upgrade. I’ve been here nearly seven years, doing over 4000 posts each with at least one image, and I haven’t used up all my space.




    Thanks so much for the reply. I’m sorry that my questions weren’t clear enough. I’ll try to make them clearer.

    1. I know that the comments won’t be ported over since Apple has some sort of proprietary system for comments. What I wanted to know was once the blog is up and running if he will be able to have comments added to new blog posts.

    Anyway, my biggest concern is about the photos. There are a lot of them and we don’t want to bring them over manually. Hence my question as to whether or not they are included in the RSS feed export. I would like to be absolutely certain about this.

    2. One or two blogs, that is the question. I hadn’t realized that he could have more than one blog on WP but I just want to understand if it’s necessary to have two. So let’s say he starts a new WordPress blog. WP imports his RSS feed (assuming it has both photos and text). Do they find a theme that is closest to his old one? Should he have picked a theme first? I just don’t understand how that part works…taking a blog with one format and fitting it into the new one. And once that’s set up does it just continue along with new posts as if it was always on WP? That would be the most preferable, particularly if comments could be added to the new posts.

    If having one blog doesn’t work or if the photos can’t be easily imported, one thought we had was that we could pay for our current ISP to host his old blog. They use that FTTP transfer thing for the old and then he could start a new blog on WP. But that is kind of kludgy since he’ll have to pay just to have his old blog posted and he’ll have two different sites for his blog.

    He could have two sites on WP but other than the cost it has the same problem as above. So the most preferable thing is one blog on WP unless you have any other suggestions.

    From your response,I gather that he won’t need to upgrade his storage. Are there any upgrades that he should consider? I don’t want to spend any money unless we have to, but I also don’t want to be penny-wise pound foolish.

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