Moving from MSN to WordPress

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    A while ago, I went to my msn ”my page” and was told that I had to convert it to a wordpress blog. I already had a wordpress blog so I was ok with that. On ”my page”, I had uploaded a lot of pictures. I recall they were also moved with my page. But now that I look for them, I cannot find them. Please assist! That was the only place I had those pictures saved since we got the camera/memory and computer stolen.

    Please help, anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    There was 6 months advance warning given last year. I’m afraid we have no access to Windows Live Spaces migrations as of March 31st of 2011. You will need to go to Live support to get a backup of your Spaces blog. Contact Windows Live directly about this, please by using this link >
    During the migration perid we were advised that photos that were in albums but not within posts were not part of the import process because they aren’t actually part of the Windows Live Spaces blog. They are part of the Photos or Skydrive service and we were told the photo albums from Skydrive are always accessible and aren’t going anywhere. Anyone can find them at

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