Moving from Posterous to wordpress question?

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    I am currently on Posterous, but as you may know they are closing the site on April 13th
    I have my domain name connected to their blog
    I have already moved my blog across to wordpress and know that I have to pay for domain mapping
    But, what I really want to know is once my domain is mapped to wordpress how do I make sure my posts are the same as they were on posterous so that a google link doesnt come up dead?
    Thanks Paul

    The blog I need help with is



    Once your content comes over, you can view it at the URL.

    Once the domain is mapped, it will take the place of all [blog] URLs, but it won’t change anything else in the URL structure.

    The URL structure won’t be exactly the same as it was on Posterous, but as the domain will remain the same, Google should quickly update their index.


    Thanks macmanx
    I didn’t know if I had to tweak the permalinks to reflect that of posterous
    There is one thing that is annoying to me and that is dead links
    Didn’t want to do this to my peeps
    I’m assuming then, that when I move it to a proper wordpress website(hosted by godaddy)it will be the same?
    Thanks again



    It will be roughly the same. You can’t control permalinks at, but on a self-hosted blog, you could adjust the permalinks to be a much closer match.


    Ok, thanks very much



    You’re welcome!

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