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Moving from self-hosting back to

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of moving my self-hosted website back to but I want to know what needs to be done and whether I might be setting myself up for a lot of headache. It's just a personal blog so really, i don't know what possessed me to pay a hundred dollars at bluehost for something so trivial. I would still like to keep my domain name but i understand that i can do this via wordpress anyway....

    i don't want to lose any of my old blogposts or have problems with the switch over. would wordpress staff be able to do this? i would be more than happy to pay one off for the switch as that would save me money in the long term anyway. I noticed this is something they do to switch OUT of wordpress but surely this must be something they offer to attract people to any help would be appreciated :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know whether staff offer a guided transfer from .org to .com (they do the other way round) but I will flag this for staff attention.

    I think that it would be fairly straightforward to do yourself; set up the site with a similar theme, export from your hosted site, import into then map your existing domain..

  3. it does sound straightfoward but... i have completely NO experience (again, why did i self host, i do not know) and the thought of losing 229 posts is... quite overwhelming. haha.

    thanks tandava108, i don't know how to flag their attention myself! :)

    btw the blog isn't that one up there, i don't know what that's about. it's just

  4. Hi meienism,

    We do not currently have an upgrade option for personal assistance moving a site from self-hosted WordPress ( to

    What you will want to do is set up your blog here and use the instructions that tandava108 linked to do an export of your content from your self-hosted site and import it to You should be able to bring over your posts, pages and media without any problem.

    The good thing is that performing an export from your self-hosted site in no way alters that site's content, so if something goes wrong along the way, you haven't lost anything.

    If you run into any problems with the export/import process, feel free to reply back here and we can assist you further. If you need assistance setting up your new site or with any upgrades, it would be best to post a new thread for those questions.

  5. thanks so much jackiedana, i'll give it a go this weekend and holler back here if i run into any trouble. will be in touch (hopefully of the good kind with no hassles!)

  6. Hi meienism,

    Sounds good. Please let me know if you need additional assistance!

  7. Hi jackiedana

    I managed to import my stuff, and export it to wordpress. i also bought the upgrade feature for $99, which includes domain mapping. i am a bit stuck at domain mapping though and am hoping that settling all that is part of the upgrade package? It's talking about DNS etc., and i haven't looked at it properly- is moving that over part of the upgrade package?

    And when my expiry comes up for the domain, can i move it to wordpress or do i have to stay with the provider i have now? it just makes it easier to centralize everything from one place (in my lazy opinion!).

    Thanks :)

  8. You can't move domain management to; they aren't accepting incoming transfers. You have to keep it where it is and do your renewals there, but you do need the Domain Mapping upgrade, which is part of the bundle. Here are the instructions

  9. ok thanks for that raincoaster.

    if i let my domain lapse and then use this-

    to register it again, will that work?

  10. NO!!!! Don't do that, for the love of all that is holy. You'll very likely lose control of the domain entirely. If you don't like the current company it's with, find another you do like, and transfer it to there. But do not let it lapse; that is always, always a mistake.

  11. oh. okay. haha thanks!!! :)

  12. I'd have to agree with raincoaster. Do not allow your domain to expire!

    You can keep it registered elsewhere but use it here. In fact, a lot of people prefer to keep their domains separate from their hosting.

    For instructions on how to map it to, see:

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