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    I did read the article “moving wordpress” but it dosn’t explain how to move it from to

    I wanted that my old blog still work

    What I’m looking for is to keep the old blog online for a while so it can redirecte users to the new one, you do that by replacing the 2 urls in “settings==>general” by the new ones and exporting the DB to import it on the new blog…

    But on I can’t find this feature, you can’t change the URL of your blog..

    thank’s in advance



    any ideas !



    If anyone who is an expert can chime in that would be great. I’m interested in finding out if this is an option. At least redirect readers to another thread if it has been answered.



    What most people have done is export their blog here and import it at their new location. Once they have made sure that all is well, they delete the content here (but not the blog) and then put up a post that lets the readers know the new location.

    You can’t change the url of the blog here without domain mapping.

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