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Moving from to Local Installation

  1. What is wrong with import posts...

    ..."The uploaded file could not be moved to "?

    Please hepl...thanks

  2. I got this error message when I tried to upload from a RSS feed. You need to change the directory permission to write for that folder. I think chmod 767 should work.


  3. Greate! is working thanks

  4. I'm running into exactly the same problem that xlinx was last month. I'd love to use markgilmour's advice . . . but I'm code-unsavvy enough that I don't know what "I think chmod 767 should work" equates to. Any step-by-step help would be appreciated.

  5. tewalkerjr, for something like that, you need to contact your webspace provider. Without know what they are running, there's no real way to assist you.

  6. This thread has gotten pretty confusing, going to close it. A new one can start if needed.

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