Moving from to new .com URL without losing my blog theme

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    I have my blog currently through wordpress as

    Tonight I bought the domain “” on another website and would like to change my blog’s URL to that. It’s not hosting or anything, it’s literally just that domain name I bought.

    What I am worried about is:
    1) I am using a free WordPress theme, Oxygen, which I love to death! I still want to be able to use that theme – I can’t build something that cool

    2) I still want my blog to be hosted by WordPress – so when I login, all the same user interface hopefully, so I can upload the same way, still have my dashboard with the stats, still easily follow other users etc. When you originally sign up for WP it asks if you want to make an account with a .com URL, which is why I assume this is an option

    3) Losing my work – I’ve put so much energy into this blog I’m scared of screwing it up! I’ve read through the threads, but am still confused and rather than make a mistake because I don’t understand the technical jargon, I thought I’d just ask here :)

    So, if this all makes sense, is it possible to still have WP hosting/themes etc and just change the domain name? And then just add a redirect from my old name to the new URL. Happy to pay for it each year etc.

    I’ve read about but that sounded like you had to build the site yourself all over again – I’m so happy with the Oxygen theme that I’d rather just leave it at that.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this!


    The blog I need help with is


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    It sounds like you want to continue to be hosted on rather than hosting your own site. What you want is called domain mapping.
    The name will act as a road sign pointing readers to your existing blog. Your blog is still where it was, but it appears to your readers to have a new name.

    You can keep your theme (or use any other theme), and your dashboard will be exactly the same. None of your work will be lost.

    Read this first:

    more information:

    New URLs: If you add domain mapping to an existing blog with posts, their URL’s will change. We’ll redirect any visitors looking for the old URL’s over to the new ones, so none of your visitors will get lost out there on the internet, but other services won’t always understand that the old links and the new links point to the “same” place. For example, Tweet counter widgets work based on particular URL’s, so old posts’ counts will be reset to 0. Once you make the change, future posts will not be affected.


    Thank you!

    I wish I’d just bought the domain through WordPress haha, I’ve shot myself in the foot a bit by buying it elsewhere. Hopefully mapping is as easy as they say it is :)

    Thanks again Tess!


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    If you need help just post back in this thread with your questions.

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