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Moving from to new host?

  1. I am pondering possibly getting a paid host and moving my blog there, but I had a couple questions I was hoping someone could answer for me.

    1) If I get a paid host, is there a way to MOVE my current blog contents to the new host or will I have to reenter all my posts/pages and reupload all my images and files?

    2) Is there anyway to setup my blog on to redirect to the new blog if I move to a paid host?

  2. 1) Currently the only way of exporting a blog to a self-hosted site is through RSS. I don't know whether allows external linking, so you may have to re-upload your images.

    2) Not that I know of. Best thing to do is just make a post with a link to the new location.

  3. 1) allows external linking (Otherwise known as hotlinking) but I'm sure they'll shut this off pretty soon when others discover that it can be done. It's a huge waste of bandwidth that is frowned upon.

    2) I'd also figure out what your most popular links are and change those posts to the posts on your new blog.

  4. They allow hotlinking? That does surprise me. I suppose the only reason we haven't really seen it exploited yet is that everyone assumes they wouldn't be that stupid.

  5. I'm sure Matt will slap his forehead when he sees this thread and it'll be changed asap. :)

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