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Moving from to self-hosted - moving followers

  1. smarterserviceks

    Hi folks,

    we recently moved our blog to a self hosted blog (available under

    As we would like to move our followers, I already send a request, but haven't heard from that so far.

    Do you need any further info to transfer our followers?

    Kind regards,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Flagged for the staff to help

    What is the base WordPress.COM blog you want to transfer followers from & what is the domain name you want to transfer the followers to?

    Have you installed and configured the JetPack Plugin? That is required for the transfer of Followers and Stats

  3. smarterserviceks

    The base blog is the new domain is

    JetPack is configured and and running smoothly :)

  4. @smarterserviceks it doesn't look like you have connected to the same account as Could you please check on that for me, and let me know when you've sorted that out?

  5. smarterserviceks

    @jackiedana we changed the Account, could check again and see if it works now?

  6. I'm still not seeing your Jetpack site connected to your smarterserviceks account.

    What you can do is disconnect your self-hosted site from Jetpack, and then - while you are logged in as smarterserviceks - try connecting it again.

  7. bernhardsteimel

    Hi Jackiedana, please check out again for my user "bernhardsteimel". I am the owner of AND

  8. Aha! That worked! :)

    I have transferred your subscribers and email followers as requested.

    Please note that any followers who opted to receive email updates will need to re-subscribe again on your new site through the Jetpack signup box, otherwise they'll only see new posts in their Reader. email subscribers will continue to get email updates.

    Let me know if you'd like me to migrate your stats over to your new site as well.

  9. smarterserviceks

    well, migrating that the stats would great. We were just about to open another case for that :) (now I get an idea of what the term "Happiness Engineer" is all about)

  10. bernhardsteimel

    Jackiedana, Do we get all the stats, since 2010? Well that would make my day!

  11. I have merged the stats on the site, so you can view your stats from August 2011 onward.

    You should be all set from here.

  12. mcalpinetankersley

    I need assistance with moving our subscribers and stats to self-hosted site. New site is at an ip address at the moment... don't want to post that here in the forum. Could someone contact me via email? Many thanks!

  13. @mcalpinetankersley when you get your site set up on the final domain (e.g. and connect it with Jetpack, please post a new thread here and we can assist you further.

  14. mcalpinetankersley

    Posted a new thread a week ago, and have heard nothing - so I'm posting here again. Domain has been moved, Jetpack installed. I really need my subscribers and stats moved.

  15. @mcalpinetankersley my colleague Grace has replied to you here:

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