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    This has been asked, but not quite with this specific problem, please bear with me:

    I have an existing blog. The domain was registered with goDaddy, with the namesservers and forwarding pointing at wordpress, so that the connection was seamless. On the wordpress side, the blog was set to exist on the domain (, not the wordpress address (

    I want to host myself now. I purchased hosting with goDaddy. I downloaded the wordpress software onto my hosted site. I have an address for it ( I turned off the forwarding. I set the names servers back to the goDaddy ones, instead of the wordpress ones. I went back to wordpress and put the blog location back to wordpress (

    Logically, I should have to sites…. my wordpress one that holds my current blog ( and my hosted site with my domain which has nothing ( except the wordpress software in a directory.

    But, when you go to my domain now, it forwards you to the wordpress site. forwards to help. I can’t even transfer the blog and delete the site because I can’t upload to my hosted site because I CAN’T GET TO IT because it forwards to the wordpress site.

    Egad. Any ideas?

    Nikki Jo



    Bloggers on the forum do not have backend access to blogs so if your require a technical fix you will have to send a feedback in to staff.



    Do you have a CPanel?



    Just for reference, the correct URL for your blog here would be Leaving in the ‘www’ bit is incorrect and makes for a broken link for many on the net and most search engine spiders.

    You need to clear your computer’s DNS cache. I have a feeling that you’re running a Windows based OS. open up a command prompt and type in teh following:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Also clear out your browser cache as well.

    Please also note that GoDaddy isn’t the best of hosts. They’re like the AOL from ten years ago when they though they were the internet. They’re also supportive of spammers.

    Good luck,



    Lookie here



    Dr Mike.. Who would you suggest in place of Godaddy? I plan to self please help.




    go to and search for reviews on those providers to make a more educated decision.




    /nod to devblog

    I second the dreamhost recommendation. I moved one of my blogs there about a week and a half ago. Their support is superb and, overall, they are thoroughly professional.

    More information and other possibilities can be found here:


    If you don’t do a lot of image uploading, A Small Orange has their “tiny” package which is just $25 per year for 75mb and 3gb of monthly bandwidth.

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