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moving image in the header

  1. is it possible and how?

    i'm sorry i'm just new here

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The answer is "yes" you can have animated gif as a header on themes that allow for custom headers. However, this is important to know. In order for an animated gif to play, it must be full size. Resize it on your computer before uploading it and then the cropper will not come into play. Images of exactly 940 × 200 pixels will be used as-is in Mystique.

  3. Also note that an animated gif will take longer to load than a still image, either gif or jpeg.

    New readers with slow connections may wait a little while, then move on to a site they can view more easily.

    There are also issues with search engines favoring sites with faster load times. This issue has been mentioned recently and perhaps another volunteer has more details about it than I do.

  4. thank you...

  5. You're welcome–hope the info makes your blogging experience enjoyable.

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