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    I successfully moved my blog over from to my own domain recently (Loved but wanted a bit more freedom to play with templates etc.)

    My question is, should I remove all my old posts from so Google won’t penalize my new blog for duplicate content? Is this even an issue (there seems to be some debate whether it is)?

    Can I leave my posts up on blog up for posterity or should I just delete the whole thing so I can build my PageRank on my new site?

    Any advice would be appreciated.




    You can post a link on your new site to your old site. But you do lose Pagerank when you move and you have to start over.



    duplicate content

    It shouldn’t be since the content would not be found within the same class C of IP addresses. It’s my understand that that’s where Google currently looks for dupes.

    There’s a couple of tricks you can do like stick in a link in every post to mention that you’ve moved elsewhere but that’s a pain. I did it for someone here by exporting the content out via XML, importing it to a temp WordPress blog on one of my servers and then using a hacked MT exporter that built the link into every post, exported that back out to reimport here.

    Gotta admit that I wouldn’t think it would be worth it but that PR6 is nothing to blow off. You’ve already deleted all of your posts and stuck up a link. I’d leave it as is myself.

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