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Moving my blog to pre-owned domain

  1. Hello

    I have just started a blog for a charity I am working with ( ...this is currently private but will soon be open).

    They currently own a domain but cannot manage their current website as they have quite basic IT skills, so i thought a wordpress site would be relatively easy for them to manage/update news etc.

    How would they go about moving their wordpress site to their currently owned domain name? Also, would they then just have to edit the site through the wordpress dashboard or would there be further stages to get the updates live?

    I am not a very advanced computer/internet user so if anyone could make this very simple/clear I would relly appreciate it. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. have just read about mapping. Is this an option and would it be free if I akready own the domain?

  3. No, you would have to pay for mapping at

  4. Domain Mapping is a paid upgrade that costs $12.00 per domain, per blog, per year. You can map as many domains as you want to one blog, but you have to pay for each domain separately.

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