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Moving my free over to

  1. Hello

    I would like to know how can I move or import or export my free hosted blog over to my
    regular blog with losing anything. I been searching and searching and can not find
    anything. Can someone help with this.


  2. in your dashboard, go to Manage > Export.
    download that *.WXR file to your desktop.
    after you install wordpress (see instructions on,
    go download the wordpress migration tool
    and add the wordpress.php file to wp-admin/import
    in your regular blog, go to Import and click on wordpress.
    browse to the *.WXR file on your desktop, and import!

  3. While the links are in the XML file, they appear not to be importing. You can grab them in what's called an OPML file at:


    This will give you an OPML file that you can import on your Blogroll page here.

    Hope this helps,

  4. slick trick there, drmike. didn't know about that one.

    however, for moving from to a hosted blog, you want

    on your new blog, go to links > import opml, and add that url to the provided box.

  5. *chuckle* My one and only WordPress ticket

  6. @drmike
    What do you think about asking Podz to include these importing tips in the FAQs section he created called "Wider Issues"?

  7. I just rather see it fixed or covered.

  8. As we get more tips about this I certainly do intend creating some sort of resource for people to use :)

  9. these tips will change substantially when 2.1 comes out (end of august, IIRC). and presumably they'll fix mike's trac ticket. (links not importing properly, though, is more a symptom of the aging blogroll setup in .org blogs, versus the system used by 2.1 and .com blogs)

  10. IIRC, WPMU (both here and the downloadable version) runs 2.1 code.

    The issue was actually discovered on a WPMU setup.

    For 2.0 setups, we just do a OPML reader on teh site in question.

  11. I am ready to move my blog to a hosted service using

    1. Is there a way so that anyone coming to the old address is automatically redirected to the new address?
    2. I want the old blog to MOVE rather than its content be added to teh 'dummy' entries I have been playing with on as I redesigned teh page?

    Any tips?


  12. 1) No, best bet would be to add it a link to you new site.

    2) I don't understand what the question is.

    You may want to do a search for 'move' or 'moving.' We've been discussing this topic quite a few times recently.

  13. I downloaded the EXPORT file from my blog. But it is a .xml file... not a *.wxr file

  14. That's what it's supposed to be. WXR is layout that they're using.

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