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    Hi there,

    I’ve moved over to .org using the export function. Most things seemed to work OK, but some didn’t.

    The biggest worry at the moment is that my email subscribers weren’t moved over. The folks at said someone would be able to help me with this here, so here I am asking for help.

    The blog my subscribers need moving from:


    Thank you very much! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Staff can do this after you install and activate the JetPack plugin. Do that now please as I tagged this thread for their attention.


    Thanks for the lightning fast reply, I have installed, activated and authorised JetPack on my wordpress site.

    Cheers! ;-)



    Cool … hang in there and subscribe to the thread so you are notified when Staff get it it.



    No problem. I’ve now transferred all your email and followers over to your new JetPack-enhanced site at

    It may be a couple hours before you can see them on your new stats page, but it usually takes much less time than that. Reply back here to let me know if they don’t show up soon.

    Happy blogging!


    Thanks kevkoeh, there are still no subscriber email addresses listed under subscribers in my Control Panel though. I’ll check again in the morning anyway.




    I see the transferred subscribers on your stats page now. Can you see them?


    Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, bit under the subscribers tab there is only 1 new email address.



    This is what my subscribers page looks like on my new blog at

    There should be around 130 subscribers (a mixture of email and in total. Logging in to my old I can see that all of my email followers have been deleted, and there are still 24 wordpress followers remaining.

    I think something has gone wrong with the transfer, please can you double check it and let me know if I’m interpreting it incorrectly?




    Hey Alex, Thanks for the screenshot! I was just about to ask for one.

    Take a look in your site’s Dashboard under Jetpack -> Site Stats, if you would please. That’s where you should see your followers. The “Subscriptions” tab is for something else on your .org site.

    I can’t log in to your .org site’s dashboard to see what you see, but from our end it looks like you have a total of 150 followers on through Jetpack right now.


    Ah kevkoeh! Turns out I am a dimwit! Yes, they’re all showing there – I was looking in the wrong place after all.

    Thanks very much for your help :)



    No worries! In the future I’ll try to make more clear where the “new stats page” is. I’m glad they all got transferred safe and sound.

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