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    I recently decided to move my blog from to a self-hosted with BlueHost. I was in the middle of transferring my domain over to BlueHost but told me I CANNOT transfer the domain because the subscription will expire within 7 days.

    When I went back to my account to renew my domain subscription, I realized there is NO option for just the domain payment itself. The only way I can renew my domain subscription is if I update my ENTIRE Bundle of $99. Even if I just click on the “Renew domain registration” link, it directs me straight to the page wherein I update the entire WP Bundle. Now I just paid about the same amount in BlueHost for self-hosting, I can’t possibly pay twice the price.

    How can I pay for just the domain subscription so I can transfer it over to BlueHost? Or do I let it expire within a few days and have BlueHost pick it up?

    Please, I really need help with this matter. I spoke to reps of BlueHost over the phone and they said this is something has control over.


    The blog I need help with is



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    If you like, I can remove the Value Bundle upgrade from your account, but just keep the domain upgrade active. Let me know if you’d like me to go ahead.

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