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    Very much a poke it and see what happens, when it comes to my understanding of css. I have the basic in styling but been baffled by trying to move the #branding logo above the #access navigation.

    In a perfect world I am after ……….


    home about us services etc etc etc

    I can move them around to a point, but I can’t move them independently, they seem paralleled. I hope this makes some kind of sense and any help would be gratefully recieaved.




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    Hi Wayne, give the following a try. It should get you started.

    #access {
        bottom: 0;
        left: 0;
        position: absolute;
    #masthead {
        padding-bottom: 20px;

    Hello thesacredpath,

    Please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding on my part, don’t want to waste anyone’s time and efforts.

    Many thanks I really appreciate being handed a starting point, some of the logic is starting to fall into place.




    Hello Again,

    Just gave it go and it worked beautifully, many many thanks, I just need to get my head around why it worked.

    To show my appreciation, if you are ever in Norfolk UK, look us up and I will buy you a pint or two of good old English ale.

    Many thanks



    You are welcome, and no worries, Wayne.

    What I did was look at your CSS and saw that the header area had a position: relative declaration. That means that I could add the position: absolute declaration and reposition the menu div (#access) and have it reposition in relation of the parent header div. I then added a bit of padding to the bottom of #masthead to give a little more white space. If the header had not had the position: relative declaration, I would have simply added it and then used the same code above to more the menu.

    CSS is a ton of fun and once you get into and get a feel for it, you will have a blast doing all sorts of things.

    I’ll take you up on that if I’m ever in Norfolk UK.

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