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Moving navigation menu up - Oulipo theme

  1. Hi,

    Just need help on how I'd move the contents of the left hand static section upwards, the name of the site and navigation menu as the site is not displaying all of the menu on lower resolution screens.

    As a short term fixed I've reduced the size of the menu text.

    Regards Mark

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is impossible to suggest anything without seeing your blog. there is no link given or that I can't see it.


  3. OK first try this code in your custom CSS section:

    #main-nav {<br /> margin-top: 0;<br /> }

    Then you need to keep changing the value currently shown as 0 to the following:


    So keep changing the values until you are happy with the position. The values can be anything - even numbers like 1.25em; 2.25em etc etc.

    Good luck.

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