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Moving navigation tabs below the header in Dzonia lite theme

  1. Hello,

    I just created a header in my dzonia lite themed website ( the navigation tab is in the header image and I want it to be below the header. How can I do that.

    Please advice.



  2. Hi Erbe, Dzonia Lite is a theme we do not have here at and are not familiar with, but one way to move the menu down easily is to increase the top padding in .menu_wrapper in style.css. You can start with the 200px and work from there to get it aligned as you desire.

    .menu_wrapper {
        padding-top: 190px;

    For further assistance on changes to the theme, I would suggest looking through the support forums on the theme designer's site at and possibly posting there. Since you are using the self-hosted software, you can also post for help in the Themes and Templates forum at: .

    If you are not familiar with the differences between and sites, see this support document.

  3. thank you @thesacredpath for the help.

  4. thanks again. I have another q. How can I make the dropdown menu side by side instead of just one horizontal line as in Please check "classifieds" tab. I want the dropdown side by side.

    Please advice.


    Or I will go to support too?

  5. @beer11175, I would look around and/or ask in the theme designer's forum a bit or in the forum. Best of luck.

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