Moving (not removing) the search box in upgraded MistyLook?

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    Looking in the archives, there seems to be a way to delete the search box in MistyLook by editing out the relevant CSS code. But what kind of changes would I have to make to the code if I want only to *move* the box? I don’t want to remove it altogether, I just wish it weren’t blocking the rest of the navigation bar from view. Is it possible to place the search box *above* the navigation bar, for example?

    Would be most grateful for any advice!




    Above the navbar? There wouldn’t be room to display that plus the blue admin bar, for those of your readers who are signed into You could delete it and then use the Search widget in the sidebar, though. That would be simple.



    Duh! Thank you, raincoaster – the search widget never occurred to me. I’ll do that then!


    Looking at your blog, it seems that the width of the navigation bar (760px) is too narrow to fit in the search box and the navigation items.

    The simplest solution would be to change the width in #navigation to something like 800px.

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