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  1. I've recently obtained my own domain and migrated my blog over there. As it is a personal blog, I don't really care about traffic and all that.

    What is the correct thing to do with my blog? Shut it down? If so, can someone walk me through the steps?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can set the blog visibuility to "private" to avoid any duplicate content issues with Google. Then you can use it as a back-up blog and periodically export the content out of the self hosted install and import it into the blog.

  3. Here are the relevant links:

    Here's how Google views duplicating content across domains and do note that their Panda algorithm will detect duplication >

  4. Great, thanks!

  5. jimmorrisonmysticimages

    I am confused about types of Domains here...I now pay for the privilege of having my own which is nice BUT would like to know what type of Blog or domain I would ask you to transfer me to being a Songwriter/Writer who wishes to have a PRO Site/Domain with a FREE Blog yet sell my images or CD via links put on my page to buy...Is a where I can earn money from plug-ins such as Cranky Ads the best and is this a PRO one...Can you help...I would happily sell my 'art images' on my PRO domain and put Blog Stories and Music FREE but with optional links..hope this is clear enough...thanks..

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