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    I’d like to move just one widget to the bottom of the sidebar. Anyone know how to do this? Help is much appreciated!



    Please give a link to your blog when asking questions and/or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the sticky “8 Things To Know”.

    Now, assuming you do have a blog, you go to Design>Widgets, drag the widget to the position you want, click Save changes.



    Here’s what I’m working on. I know I can drag the widgets around in Design>Widgets, but I want to move my testimonials widget so that it stays on the bottom of the sidebar, and the rest of the widgets are up on the top of the sidebar.

    can you help?



    Sorry but you are in the wrong forum. Your blog is not hosted at wordpress.COM, which is what this forum serves. Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/

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