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    I want to move some pages. At presesnt they are under the parent page photos. I want to have a Slideshow page under the parent page ‘photos’ and then have pages under the page slideshow. But I can’t get the slideshows I already have to move.
    When I click on ‘parent page’ nothing but ‘photos’ comes up. Help…

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you using the standard menu or are you using a custom menu? Custom menus afford you much more flexibility and you can easily organize things as you want them.



    I get that – but why is it when I try to add a new page the following happens.
    I click on ‘Parent’ and all my other pages show up including: about, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, as well as sub-pages under these, but my photo page doesn’t come up at all. Yet it is there – on the blog.



    Go to your menu page. At the top on the right hand side there is a checkbox for including all top level pages automatically. Have you enabled it? It sounds to me like you haven’t done that.

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