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    In transferring my blogs to I have lost all the photo albums which my blogs referred to. I write on cruising (travel) and each port has between 10 and 20 photos with the blog describing each photo. In worldpress I have a lot of blogs but no photos. I know the photo albums are on Skydrive but putting a link to them is impossible because you need an ID and password (mine) to see the albums. The public could not use the link. Can somebody give me a solution?

    The blog I need help with is


    Same thing happened to me (and many others). Unless the pictures were used in actual posts… they were not transferred. In a sense, they are gone for good. Sigh…



    WordPress does not organize photos in this manner. All photos that weren’t included in blog posts when your blog was imported are safe at Live. They aren’t going to be taken down.

    I, personally, would suggest moving them to Flickr. That way you can embed them on your posts here and also have access to the best photocommunity online.



    i wonder why my photos aren’t moved to wordpress. Is there a safe way to do it? i don’t want to lose them


    WordPress.COM does not have a photo album feature, so there was no place to move them.

    Secondly, and more importantly, the images any live spaces user had in their photo albums are still at They are not being deleted and are not going away. They can still be accessed at . Microsoft is not doing away with that feature.

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