Moving photos from one gallery to another?

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    Is there a way to move photos from one gallery into another gallery? I would like to set up a new page called “Sold” and move all my pieces that sold into that gallery and out of the original “earrings” “bracelets” “necklaces” gallery. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    When you upload photos to a Gallery, they become attached to it. Currently, the only ways to remove and/or display them elsewhere is by either deleting them from the existing Gallery and uploading them again to a different Gallery or by modifying the gallery shortcode in the Post or Page Text Editor with “includes” and “excludes” and the image ID#.

    Have a look at the bottom of this Support doc

    Example of the use of excludes:
    Example of the use of includes:


    Thanks Jennifer — Can I use “includes” to make a brand new gallery? So for example…

    I have a gallery on each of my jewelry pages: Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces. As I sell items, I would like to move them to a different page/gallery called “Sold” without having to delete and upload them again — losing all the captions and titles I entered.

    But the “Sold” page/gallery would consist entirely of “includes.” Is that possible?

    Or do I need to start a gallery first with a new uploaded photo, so I have the existing gallery code, and then add my sold items with “includes,” after which I can delete the newly uploaded photo (the one I used just to create a new gallery)?



    Can I use “includes” to make a brand new gallery?

    Entirely possible. See here:

    It is more laborious to create a Gallery this way, but if you are adding a few images at a time, hopefully it won’t overwhelm you.

    Regardless, if you want to remove the photo of the item sold from the gallery where it originally appeared, you’ll have to “exclude” it from that gallery, otherwise it will continue to appear there.

    Study the gallery shortcode given in the example posts and it should be clear.


    ok, one more follow-up question — why can’t I just delete the photo from the original gallery rather than “exclude”? If it is in the media library, shouldn’t I be able to include it in the new gallery and delete from another? Thanks!



    For now, the “exclude” acts as a delete from the existing Gallery without actually deleting the image entirely and losing with it all the captions/titles, etc. which you mentioned above.

    If you Delete, it’s gone permanently.

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