Moving Post – Need Help Please.

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    Okay now, … I did run a search, ran more searches, then doubled checked with more searches and still could not find what I was looking for and with a clear cut answer.

    On my main page, there are probably a dozen or more posts that I would like to move along with any comments over to two new pages that I just created.
    I thought it was as simple as going to the existing post, clicking on a tab which revealed the different pages, selecting one to move the post to, … then that was it.
    Well, … guess I’m wrong on that one! :)

    So, … can I “easily” move numerous posts from the main page over to the newly created pages?
    Is there something very simple that I am missing somewhere? (Probably!)



    There is no automatic way to move posts from the running posts page to pages for static content. -> Write -> Page It’s a copy and paste job. You’ll have to do them one at a time and you will also have to move each of the comments manually.

    What’s also noteworthy is
    (1) pages sit outside the blog structure
    (2) they will not automatically update
    (3) you cannot assign categories to them.



    What kind of “Pages” are we talking about? A specific example including links of what you’re trying to do would be helpful here.

    If you’re talking about Pages like the ones that you create at Dashboard -> Write -> Pages, those Pages sit outside of the Posts and are not connected with them. They’re used for extra articles and you can’t make multiple Posts to them.

    If not, a specific example would be helpful. :)


    I created two new pages up top named “Journal Projects” and one named “Ramblings”

    I thought that I could take this post here for instance, and move it to “Journal Projects”.

    Then maybe put this post in “Ramblings”.

    Just thought I could choose a new page to put these existing posts in with a simple click or two.

    Again, … thanks guys.
    You guys continue to impress me with what you do, ………. big time! : )


    Is there a link somewhere which explains the best method to move comments manually if I need to do it this way?
    Yes, … I ran a search!



    If it would suit your purposes to use those pages as indices/directories to the posts, you could manually insert links on the pages so people could just click and go. You can see my Recipes page for an example of what I mean.



    I would just copy ALL of the comments and put them as one comment in the new place. This is a very powerful disincentive to moving things, let me tell you. Some of my posts have over a hundred comments, and one woman here has over 500!



    I gotta admit that I would be asking for staff assistance with that if it was a single post.


    I am having the same delema. It would be nice if it were possible to have a more structured blog, much how the pages work. For example, I may be bored and just ramble on my blog, which these ramblings wouldn’t have much benifit to anyone but to serve their curiosity. However, there would be things that I do write about that have some significanct. For instance, I have planned a trip to do a 500+Km hike along the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland, and I have been writing about it from the start, including my thoughts on it, what I have purchased, some things I’ve learned, and in the future, keeping readers up to date of my travels.



    @ lotacus
    Only one page on a blog will automatically update with the posts that you publish.
    (1) pages sit outside the blog structure
    (2) they will not automatically update
    (3) you cannot assign categories to them.
    (4) they get no google juice

    However, what you can do is create a travelblog and then place a link to it in your sidebar so your readers can use it to read about your travels there.



    Wait, timethief, are you saying that only post pages get google juice and static pages and sub-pages do not?



    I am saying that Google derives the majority of information used to determine a blog’s page rank from it’s front page. The front page is comprised by ten of your most recent blog posts.

    As Google spiders crawl your blog regularly and the information found on your front page that is taken into consideration is (1) the number of links given to your posts and the ranking of those blogs that link to your posts, (2) the number of links in your blogroll and their ranking and (3) the number of comments and the blog rankings of the bloggers commenting on your posts.

    This is not the only information used to determine page rank but it is the mainstay. Hence blogger ensure that the front page of their blog gets lots of Google juice.

    Creating a static front page has a devastating effect on Google juice as engtech has described on his blog



    If you would like to see how these page rank determinations are made you can type this into your browser bar
    When the page appears simply type in your blog’s url
    then choose one of the data centers, click the “submit” button and watch what happens. You will find a wealth of information is revealed to you about the values I referred to above as well as the relative values of the categories you have assigned to your posts.

    You will note that your About page and your Shutter Clutter page have a rank of 3. They have been included but most of the Google juice is coming from your front page data.

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