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    I have posted some entries onto my site and they all appear on the home page, I now want to widen my blog so have added another two pages, I want to move some of the original posts onto these pages to separate out different subjects – I can see how to change tags, categories but cannot see how to move the posts to a different page – can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    This is exactly what I want to know too! Would be great if somebody could help!!



    What i did discover was if I created sub pages based on my categories, then marked my posts with the categories, anyone visiting can just read the relevant posts


    Member You don’t, actually. Those pages are extraneous. Pages don’t work like that. Posts do. What you want is category pages, which this link will show you how to use.



    HI there, yes, after a wonder around the support pages I realised that too, it works a treat :)

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