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    Can I?
    Will I lose any associated comments?


    Pages you create are for static content and sit outside the blog structure. Pages are generally used for information that seldom changes such as about pages, or comment policies, etc.

    Perhaps if you explain things with a little more detail we could figure something out.


    My blog will have posts on a variety of topics, and I’d like to be able to have some separation between them. For example, people who might be interested in posts about needlepoint probably won’t want to have to deal with political rants.

    I started blogging before I gave much thought to categories. Now that I’ve decided on categories, the top level ones are probably more appropriate as pages, each with its own posts. And my home page would be a static one explaining how to navigate the blog, the range of topics, etc.

    Can I take the existing posts from my current home page and move them to its subject page? Do I just copy and paste like I would with any word processor? Will the tags come along? What about any comments? (There are only a few comments, so it’s not earth-shaking if they don’t… Seeing my “About” page or the “disclaimer” bullets at the bottom of the home page may be useful.


    The only way to separate posts into different divisions is with categories. We cannot have what in essence would be several blogs within a blog.

    One suggestion might be to have a static home page with links on it to the various categories that you blog about. That way those wanting to see the posts about knitting could click on the knitting link and they would be taken to your knitting category page. Those wanting to read your political rants could click on that category link.


    Forgot to mention that pages cannot have tags or categories, only posts.


    I don’t see why you’re not content with categories. The only place where mixed-subject posts have to appear together is your main posts page. If this is what you wish to avoid, you can set a static page as your main page (as well as remove the archives, calendar and recent posts widgets), so that readers can only access your posts via the category widget. And if you want pages for that, you can create pages whose titles are the links to your categories (if you’re interested in that, let me know, because there’s a restriction).

    If you are so interested in really separating your posts, the only way is to open a separate blog for each category. Then in your “principal” blog you can have “category” pages with links to the relevant posts. As for your initial question, if you don’t want to lose the comments you can export your blog and import it into the new ones. But this can only be done for the whole blog, so afterwards you must delete the irrelevant posts. Personally I don’t think it’s worth all this trouble, or the trouble of losing the automatic function of categories and having to update each page manually everytime you write a new post.

    A really convoluted way to achieve exactly what you’re thinking of (and without manual updating) is to combine the two ideas: open separate blogs, publish all posts in each one under one category, and then in your principal blog create pages whose titles are the links to the single category page of each separate blog.

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