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    I used to be able to move and to re-size images during editing by dragging the image or grabbing a corner and dragging it to re-size. In Firefox, I can’t move the image but I can re-size it. In Google Chrome, I can do neither. any suggestions?

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    Please carefully follow the steps in this guide on how to resize an image. For more editing images read


    Thank you, kardotim, for the links, especially the one on Image Editing in the Library.

    However, image editing within a post remains awkward. For example, you can’t increase the size of an image over 100% unless you manually change the Width and the Height. And when you change one, the other does not change in proportion — that’s annoying and we should have the option of proportional re-sizing.

    And how do you change the position of an image once it’s in the post without deleting it and trying to place it somewhere else? We should be able to grab it and move it.

    Interestingly, there are ‘handles’ around the image box when I edit in Firefox and Internet Explorer and I can grab a corner and re-size the image at will. Not so in Google Chrome. But I guess that’s a quirk of the programs, eh?

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    It might be that different browsers sometimes behave a little differently.

    Are you using the Visual Editor to edit your posts? You should be able to either drag an image to a different position within the post, or click on the image and use the alignment option to move it the left, right or center.

    We’ve registered your suggestion and will keep it in mind for future features and updates!

    Also, don’t forget the ideas forum, where you can discuss your suggestion with the community:


    Dear Mr Mclaren,
    As I am struggling with similar problems, it might be interesting to exchange information concerning the important subject you mentioned.


    Hi Fred
    I’ve read the articles Kardotim suggested and I think what I’ll do is use Internet Explorer for posting since I can both move and re-size images once the post has been published (I can see and use the ‘handles’ around the image in IE, but not in Chrome).

    I will also be using the ‘view as web page ‘or ‘post to blog functions’ in Word to copy text and paste into WordPress, as Support recommends at

    Hope this helps.



    Why struggle at all? I use desktop image editing or an online image editor so every image I upload is correctly sized to fit the space I intend to place it in.


    Hi David, Hi Timethief,
    Thanks for your help!
    Probably I am trying to solve a problem for which has no solution.
    I want to create compact pages with small images like David’s site, in case a reader needs more details, he should have the possibility to enlarge the image by means of a mouse click, this can be made possible by resizing an original big image after upload.
    This resizing causes unacceptable blurred images on the page and so the method seems to me unacceptable.
    For this reason I will be obliged to follow the method suggested by Timethief which means sizing before upload. may have a solution for my problem !
    Many forum questions deal with the important subject of image processing, it might be very useful to investigate all these questions and issue an image processing manual ; simple proposal but not simple to realize !



    Hi. I am having a similar issue. The thing is that I have always used Google Chrome to hover over thumbnails to grab/move/edit and it stopped working last week. Is there a way that this can be fixed? I dont feel like having to switch programs everytime I want to put 2 thumbnails on the same line then resize them.


    Hi curls2envy,
    Take into acoount bad quality images when resizing after upload. I think that the “Timethief” recommandation is the solution.
    WP user with few experience,



    i always go desktop, freeware is fully available for this kind of purpose.
    for resizing i use a free app, from called, simply, Picture Resizer
    Support might not be that wide but yet is free.

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