Moving sidebar/menu below header/top logo?? And – blogger style editor for WP?

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    There is my blog. As you see, the sidebar menu is on top covering part of the text.

    I would like the sidebar menu to be down below the greenish top part with the logo and welcome text, so that it is placed next to the Adsense ad and blog posts.

    Anyone know how I can do that, what I need to edit, and where to add/change codes and what html codes need to be altered etc?

    Also, a side question, I have been using blogger mainly for several years and recently changed to wordpress. Blogger is very easy to use, one can move around components and widgets and place them wherever one want on the screen etc as most of you probably know. Is this possible in WordPress or is it all manually and very technical with html editing etc?

    It seems that the only thing I can do from my admin is put things on the sidebar to the right, and not put anything anywhere else?

    Thanks folks yer the greatest!



    Notice that I am speaking about the MAIN page of the domain itself, not the forum section. The forum runs on Invision Power Board and not WordPress, only the homepage runs with WordPress blog.



    I’m afraid you’ll need to go to for help with a blog that isn’t hosted here at, my apologies for the inconvenience.

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