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moving subscribers to .org site without a re-direct...

  1. I'd like to transfer my readers from to a new self-hosted site called Can I do this? Or can WP help me do this cleanly?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff can transfer only email subscribers.
    Followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.

    What's required is:
    installation and activation of the JetPack plugin on your isntall;
    posting both URLs for the underlying blog and the domain into this forum thread;
    tagging the thread with modlook in the sidebar;
    subscribing to the thread so you are notified when Staff make the transfer.

  3. OK. I'd like to transfer readers from to I have installed jetpack.

    thanks, Timethief

    ps. do you think I should delete the old blog once the transfer is made?

  4. ps. do you think I should delete the old blog once the transfer is made?

    NO! NO! NO!

    Get the site redirect to send all traffic from your old site to you new site - then people will not get lost - it will also send search engine traffic to your new site - ( if you are not moving content then just leave a note on old blog that you have moved to a new place)

    Change the Perma Link structure on your new site to match your old site (get help at WordPress.ORG) - I am assuming that you have transferred your content to your new site -

    If you are just starting a new Blog and not transferring the content - you can just leave a note on your old site that you have moved and give a link to your new site -

  5. Hi there,

    I have successfully transferred your email subscribers!

    The choice is ultimately yours if you want to deactivate your old .com blog, but there is some good advice given here that you should take into account.


  6. thank you. I truly appreciate the help. WP is great!! And, I think I will heed the general consensus and leave the blog in place.

    be well,

  7. Gabe,

    Glad to help!

    Take care.

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