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    Could someone tell me how to move my Technorati badge from the page it’s on (the partially blocked Follow Me page) to my sidebar? I keep trying to paste the code into a text widget, but I can’t get both the image and the actual link to both post and work properly. Clicking on it on the page does work to vote for the blog on Technorati now, as far as I can tell, but I want it on my sidebar instead.



    The blog I need help with is



    Check your sidebar out – is that what you wanted?



    @roseknows-Wouldn’t it be so much more helpful to the community of users at large to at least know what was done to hoechstetterinteriors? That way we all could learn from it. Just sayin’…



    @justjennifer – yes, thank you for the suggestion!

    I actually just went in and attempted the same steps that hoechstetterinteriors did: I copied the code for the Technorati badge from her “follow me” page and pasted it in the text widget she had made for Technorati.

    Not sure why it wasn’t working for her. :)

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