Moving the "Balloons" theme to a self-hosted website.

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    I’m curious if anyone has had any difficulties with moving this theme over.
    The SQL export incorrectly pushes the featured images section into the post content box which messes up CSS layout as well as how the images are displayed.
    Also, the CSS is apparently coming from some external CSS document that my self-hosted site doesn’t retrieve. In order to save myself time I’d rather ask to see if anyone has found a more graceful method for converting all the CSS code rather than recreating it all to match what the original theme displays.

    The Load More Post button is being built with CSS that isn’t on my site.
    The Follow my Blog via email box at the bottom is also using CSS that I don’t have access to.

    Anyone have better solutions for moving this theme over?


    Self hosted site:

    WordPress blog:

    The blog I need help with is



    Edit changed WordPress Blog name :
    Blog is now located at :



    Hi there!

    You may have luck grabbing the original self-hosted version of the theme:

    Things like the Load More Post button and the Follow My Blog are specific to and won’t appear on a self-hosted blog, so you don’t have to worry about them.

    I hope this helps!



    Thanks sixhours!
    Unfortunately, the Load More Posts button and Follow My Blog are features I need to implement on the self-hosted blog.

    Are there plug-ins from word-press that match these exactly?



    I had used the self-hosted version of the theme balloons but it came with some major bugs.
    Perhaps my question should be stated differently.
    This is a fresh install of the self-hosted balloons theme:

    I am getting title tag errors.
    Posts that aren’t centered and unbordered.

    Its as if pieces of the CSS are missing on the self-hosted theme.
    Its not a fully functional theme.

    Should I create a new thread for this?
    Thanks again,



    You have email! :)

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