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moving the comment box above the comments

  1. assuming I purchase the custom design, how can I move the comment box above the comments.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi @kevinlefkowitz,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    Try using following CSS code to achieve it.

    div#comments {
         position: relative;
         padding-top: 350px;
    div#respond {
         position: absolute;
         top: 0;
         left: 0;

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  3. hmm. It didn't show up on the preview. Will this apply to future comments? Or is it also supposed to apply to comments already on the site?

    thanks for your help

  4. Hi @kevinlefkowitz,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The provided CSS solution will apply to future comments and also to the comments already on the site.

    Where have you added the code?

    Vinod Dalvi

  5. I clicked "customize"
    on the right hand side I clicked CSS
    I then clicked "CSS revisions" where a preview trial custom design screen appeared. I deleted the message given and replaced it with the CSS solution. I then tried leaving the message and adding the solution but neither worked.

  6. wait nevermind it worked! Thank you so much!

    I have one more question. By moving the box up, it created a gap between the box and the comments. Is there any way I can make that gap smaller?

  7. Hi @kevinlefkowitz,

    Actually we need that gap as clicking on comment text area it gets expanded.

    Vinod Dalvi

  8. Ok got it. Is there any way to expand the grey area that says "share your experience" rightwards? Like what happens when the comment box is clicked.

    Thanks again for your help. You have been incredible!

  9. Hi @kevinlefkowitz,

    Is there any way to expand the grey area that says "share your experience" rightwards?

    Try using following code to achieve it.

    div#respond {
       width: 100%;

    Vinod Dalvi

  10. Great thanks! Shoot. When the comment box expands, it overlaps with the "x# responses to..." how can I either make the bottom of the page shift with the expansion, or widen the gap?

  11. Ok I figured it out. Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it!

  12. You are most welcome, if I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to ask :)

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