Moving the “Leave a Reply” to the top of the comments

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    I need to change the order of the replies, making the form at the top, and the replies below the form.
    How can I do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Something like the following should work:

    #comments {position:relative; padding-top:40em;}
    #respond {position:absolute; top:0;}

    You will have to check the padding value when a logged out user views the page as there are more entries in the post area so it takes up more space.


    It works thank you.

    But as you said a logged in user will have a large space under the reply posting form.

    Isn’t there another way to make it an exact alignment?


    On another note, under every post there’s a link to “Leave a Comment”, but when there are already comments this link changes to something like “comments(x)”. Is there a way to change this to make it “Comments(x) – Leave yours” or something in this format?



    You should be able to set a different height for non logged in users with something like this (un-tested) code:

    #comments {position:relative; padding-top:60em;}
    .logged-in #comments {padding-top:40em;}
    #respond {position:absolute; top:0;}

    You can’t edit the comment link text, CSS is for display and styling, we can’t change the underlying code. You’d never be able to reliably make it say “Comments(0)” as far as I can tell.


    Excellent. You may consider the code tested and it’s perfect.

    Thank you.

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