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    I’ve had such great help here before, so I’m going to ask a couple more questions. Thanks in advance! I’m working with the tarski theme.

    1. My widget sidebar – I’d like to add some space between the main post section and the sidebar. I’d also like to move it down.

    2. That tiny smiley face. Somehow it ended up right next to my post title and I’d like to move it or remove it. The footer would be fine, but if I can get rid of it that’s even better.

    thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    #wrapper {width:800px;}
    img#wpstats {display:none;}
    #secondary {margin-top:2em; padding-top:10px;}
    #header-image {text-align:center;}

    The first line expands the blog width and thus the gap between the main content and sidebar areas. The second line hides the smiley face image. The third line moves the sidebar down so that the first underline should match up with the one under the first post title. The last line keeps your header image centered after stretching the width.

    I hope it works OK for you.

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