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    I recently brought a webserver and i wanted to create webfolio of my work. I was going to use a standard html page, but i wanted to upload images regularly and i thought a wordpress blog with a photogallery plugin would be easier. I could then do a blog/wip section to show my current work in progress. However i dont want a sidebar down the side, so i downloaded a theme and edited it. Its pretty much entirely different but it had this dynamic sidebar under the header, i dont want it. I just want a simple bar which has 4 links. Blog, About Me, Portfolio, Contact Me. I dont want comments on the About me portfolio and contact me (just a plain non blog page) and blog to be a standard blog.
    Heres how the site looks now
    and i want it to look like this
    (i would like the sidebar to be an image gradient) and for the links to be plain links, no hover images etc.


    unfortunately, you want the forums for self-hosted wordpress blogs:

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