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    I paid someone to create my WP site with a custom design, but now that I don’t like that design and want to move to a premium theme. I want to implement myself, but I’ve never done this before. I don’t want to bring down my current site while I figure out how to do all this. Is there a way to create a beta site and then switch over when I finally figure it all out?
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    Yes, just go to the Global Dashboard (hover over the username in your admin bar and click on Manage My Blogs) and select Create New Blog. Then do whatever you like on that.

    Note, however, that you can’t preview premium themes on blogs other than the one you are going to use it on. So you’d have to buy it for each of your blogs. I suggest you just use the new blog to tinker with regular free themes at first.


    Thanks raincoaster. I was trying to not have to buy the Premium theme twice and have been tinkering with some free themes, but they don’t do everything like the premium one does.

    So there’s no way to build the new site in a sandbox and then just switch over?

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