moving to .org to install a new theme

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    I have set up a straightforward site.
    I now want to install a new theme from an external company and have worked out that I need to move to

    Can anyone help with me instructing me on how to do this? I need to host it through someone else now? (e.g. Go Daddy) How do I do this whilst keeping the domain name I have set up through

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    I suppose my first question is this:

    When I go to the self-hosting section on GoDaddy and select my package it asks me for the domain I want. But because I obviously already own the domain it tells me it isn’t available.

    Sooo…. Do I buy the package and then will I be given an opportunity to make it that domain name after (someone help me with how to do that!!!) or am I missing something?


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