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Moving widgets?

  1. I've put a few widgets on the right hand bar, which for most pages is fine. But on the page with my latest posts the widgets have bizarrely moved down to the bottom to the page.

    Any ideas why this has happened and/or what I can do about this?

    Any help much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't worry - I've set it to show fewer posts and that seems to have sold it. No idea why it should have happened though. Any explanations still welcome, so I can avoid this in future.

  3. By setting a lower number of posts per page you removed the problem from the homepage but not from the culprit post:
    or from any category or tag page that includes that post, for example:

    For explanation and remedy, see this post of mine:

  4. Thanks - that's really helpful. Your first option for sorting it out worked perfectly. Cheers!

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