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    Okay, I know this is probably one of the most commonplace questions, but I’ve haven’t found an answer yet: HOW do I move my wordpress blog at to my webhost?

    I’ve found tutorials about moving the blog from one webhost to another, but that’s not the case, unless you consider a webhost.

    I know I can export the posts and comments, but I would would really like to move the whole thing – including the theme setup.

    Is it really necessary to either upgrade my blog so I can get acces to the CSS, or do I have to reconstruct the blog design at my new domain?



    For the theme itself:

    You can find many themes to install on your new place, but googling for a theme (if you know its name), or browsing the “theme database” part of the website.

    If you want one just like the one you use here, you might be in luck – most of the themes on are _based_ _on_ themes which are available out there – so google the name of the theme and look for the zip file. The zip files are easy to install – just unzip in the theme area and there it is, available in the “presentation” tab.

    Will it look exactly the same? No probably not. But it will look very similar.

    Getting your custom header to look the same, setting up the same widgets in the same order and copying and pasting the contents of any text widgets etc is slightly fiddly, but should not take so long.

    If you are happy with it after that, there may be no need to tweak any CSS at all on your new site.

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