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    I have bought a domain name and wish to transfer my blog to it. The domain name is not with wordpress. When the site is transfered, does anyone know if:
    You carry on using wordpress to upload your posts and maintain the site?
    Does my blog become redundant?
    Do I need to set up a redirect?
    Sorry for the questions but I dont seem to find a definitive answer.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. First of all, I suggest you read the support documentation, if you haven’t already done so, as well as this article:

    Now in response to your questions:

    1. You would no longer use the WordPress.COM dashboard to manage your site, but rather your self-hosted WordPress.ORG dashboard.

    2. That’s right. You can set it to private or put a very prominent notice that your site has moved (or see answer 3)

    3. You can purchase from WordPress.COM an “offsite redirect”:



    Or you can use your new domain name to connect to your existing site.
    There are both pros and cons to switching to using for your site. You gain flexibility, but is already very flexible. You lose automatic backup, and really need quite a lot more technical awareness and probably a lot more time at least at first. There’s no reason getting your own domain name would necessitate switching from to



    Thank you for your responses, I had seen the first article and familiarised myself wih that process as I would have to do that for a backup, and had a quick look at the other which I will read more carefully.
    However, and I maybe missing the point so apologies, but my domain and hosting is with Namesco and you move the blog over with Softaculous but I still dont know how I maintain the site, and posts etc?



    If your new site is a site, wherever it’s hosted, you can still go to yoursitename/wp-admin to do your updates.



    Let me get this straight, I log into my new domain name with Namesco via their login, use Softaculous to move it over to the domain name (as recomended by them, its a 1 Click Install) and then use to maintain it using the address you gave above? Does this mean you automatically use I havent used it and I havent bought anything from WordPress. This is all external.

    Sorry I am completely confused.



    WordPress.ORG is the keeper of the software you will use – there is no charge for the software.

    You will log into your new WordPress site about the same as you do here – the Dashboard will look almost the same (be you won’t be able to fine the differences at the start).

    You will not use the site management tools of your host to log into your new WordPress site.

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