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  1. I am export my blog to files by using After I am gonna change the nameservers pointing to to other host, what should I do with the blog hosted on, shpuld I leave it as is or delete, what's gonna happen in both situations?

  2. @rentgreen
    It's important to avoid creating duplicate content blogs as Google can and will penalize if you do not follow proper procedure. Please see here >

    I recommend changing the blog visibility of the blog to "private" to keep out search spiders and visitors. Pleas see 1. here >

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Thanks TT

  4. I understand the Duplicate Content with google, when I am gonna change the Nameservers: to other host, nothing will point to blog so nothing can load that blog - but I guess for sure I can set the PRIVACY settings not to be visible and that will do the trick?

  5. If you set to Private, it takes a password to see the content - Google will never get there.

    You have a Mapped Domain so Google will think that it is the same site. By setting "your-old-site.wordpress".COM to private then Google will never see "your-old-site"

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