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Mp3 direct free file host for WP player.

  1. There is some solution for those who did not find a free host server for direct mp3 url file to put it into WP audio player.The solution is

    Try this my link in your WP player to see:

    Go there,create a very simple web page and start uploading your mp3 files.
    There is some limits,you can upload 10 mb. per file,and you have limits of 100 mb. disk space ,to use it, in one google web pasge.

    But,when you fulfill one page,you can create another,and another,and so on...
    To host mp3 file bigger than 10 mb. per file,you should find some other free host server.

    Go for...

  2. Interesting tip :)


  3. Yes,I was looking for soma free host everywhere,but it was a front of me,google :-)

  4. well...not sure if this is "legal". In case it's not...I'll take it out, but just like a curiosity:

    I changed an mp3 file extension to jpg. I've been uploaded it, then embedded it in a page with

  5. soki, you are very brave. I like you already!
    dzonson, if blocks soki's workaround, I thank you for working this out. Looks good!

  6. Yes,and this is for everybody,to listen this beautiful music from mu country inWP audio player:



  7. dzonson-YOU ROCK!! I had spent soooo much time trying out different online 'song storage' sites, but quickly realized that none of them worked or they had endless buffering. thank you for the google pages tip. it worked!! At first, I thought it wasn't working because the upload area on google wouldn't upload my song. but after awhile I realized that that particular song was just too big. Once I changed the bitrate, it uploaded and i was able to put the song link in my wordpress in the format you indicated. thank you thank you thank you!!

  8. @allisonsharpe...

    I am glad my experiences helped you!
    As you,... I had also spent sooooooooo much time trying out different online sites to storage mp3 files,but with "direct mp3 file url" ,because that is only operatively with [ audio http......................mp3 ] if you want to use WP player.

    If you put into [audio...] file with ".mp3" extension that is not direct mp3 file link,the WP player can not play it,and that is the whole "problem", because I found out many storage sities for mp3 files,but they only gave me mp3 page link,not direct mp3 fili link....

    As I said,I have been searching for available free mp3 sites,and suddenly,accidentally,I called to mind,that on google is possible to create very simple free web page and bethinked : maybe...maybe...maybeeeee, I can use google page creator to upload my mp3 files with offered of direct mp3 file link...

    And,when I succeeded,I just said.... "yeeeeeeesssss !!"...
    You can upload only 10 mb per file,and as you realized,by changing bit rate of mp3 files
    you can compress big mp3 filesit less them 10 mb,
    You can upload 100 mb. in one google page,but you can open more,and more...

    If you find out the free sites that we can upload mp3 files more then 10 mb. per file,let me know... OK...?

  9. Dzonson, thanks very much for the pointer to Google Page Creator. However, I'm not sure about some of the statements you make in the original post about space.
    I think that the limit of 100MB applies to each site, not to each page. And I think that you are limited to three GPC sites. Of course, you could create multiple Google IDs, and have three sites per ID.
    Since GPC is a Google Labs project, many things about it are subject to change, including its very existence.

  10. By the way, if you put Yahoo Media Player on your MP3-holding Google Pages, you automatically get one playlist per page. Details at:

  11. Yes andrew,the limit on GPC is 100 mb. for one site...
    For now,it is a available to get mp3 file link on GPC...

  12. Here is a simple tip that I used on my webhost that might work on other webhosts and is worth a try. If you have webspace some where that will allow you to direct link to files but maybe they won't let you upload mp3 files or they will not let you direct link to mp3 files. Try simply changing the file extention from ".mp3" to ".bin" the wp audio player doesn't care what the extention of the file is and will play it anyways!!!

  13. Sorry, got to learn to read "ALL" before I write!

  14. Try simply changing the file extention from ".mp3" to ".bin" the wp audio player doesn't care what the extention of the file is and will play it anyways!!!

    Yes,but the point is that the live-essence structure of the file is ".mp3" structure...
    Try to upload some audio format with the ".wma" structure,and change the extension "wma" into ".mp3"or ".bin" or ".zin",and you will see... the WP player is not going to play it...

  15. Uploading on right now!

    I hope that one will work...

  16. I know I come way ate, but I wanted to thank all of you for supplying this heaven sent information. For the first time in three days I have a smile on my face and my post I am writing can be the way I wanted. Like all of you I tried everything else but to fail. Thanks...

  17. thank you so much mr.dzonson i'm gonna try it now

  18. I've always used Musicwebtown and been very happy with it.

  19. romisuparman,

    You can create just three free web page on Google page creator.

  20. Google Sites is now more widely available. The limit on storage is 10GB (although it has the same 10MB limit on each file as Google Page Creator). You can of course find more details at Google Sites itself and at my blog.

  21. I still can't play audio on my blog, I've uploaded a 5 MB song on google pages and this "error opening file" message keeps on showing, i really don't know what else to try...

  22. YOU ARE AWESOME...thank you so much for sharing about google pages!!

  23. the reason why yours might not be working is because IE could be corrupted..i ended up having to use Firefox and it worked perfectly!!..

  24. @mrsedubose,
    No problem...I will share anythig with you and others that I find out to works on WP.

    The main thing is to find some free host for MP3 files that we can upload more then 10 MB per file, and to have maximum bandwith also..
    Google permit to upload just 10 MB. per file,yet.

  25. Dzonson, I was able to point to google page for mp3 after reading ur thread 2 days ago... TKS....

    However, it failed me since yesterday. Hasi it anything to do with google or word press?

    Is google not stable or [audio URL] coding problem at wordpress?

    Tks & I hear from u...

  26. Can you post a link to the post on your blog where you did this? It's easier to help if we can see it.

  27. thank u dzonson, it works, finally something that works!

  28. thanks it,s cool!!)))

  29. I am happy to hear that.

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