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MP3 Hosting

  1. Does anyone have suggestions for the best sites for MP3 hostong. Are they free? Fast? I do not want their logos adds etc. to do with anything on my blog. This will be for linking music to my blog

  2. The only music player you can use on a blog is an odeo player.

  3. Emcee, you can try where you can store your mp3 music files (photos or even use it as your alternative blog) and leave a link in your wordpress blog for people to listen or download. I hope that helps. Mulitply is a free site. And as I mentioned this, I hope WordPress won't kick my butt off. :)

  4. @knoizki
    Thanks for sharing the off site music file storage tip. ;) And here's the link for interested people to follow-up.

  5. so,
    i can upload mp3's to multiply but am a little stuck. what i want to do is to design a blog similar to this one in terms of how the music plays. does that mean i need to use a wave file or an mp3? i think that is the best place to start. i uploaded an mp3 to multiply but it got a little wonky as I could not simple "play" it in my browser window to obtain the link (which is what I think I need to do to get the link)...thanks for your help.

  6. If you have uploaded the file in multiply, you can find the "play this entire playlist", click it and it will play automatically. Now if you want the link for that, just right click it and copy the link. Your browser will ask what music player you want this link to be played (windows media player, itunes, etc). The mp3 files you uploaded from your computer will be converted to a "m3u" link which is playable and downloadable at the same time.

    Check mine.

    Click and Listen

  7. I'm afraid your link opens a dialogue box which asks me how I want to open this file and my only default option is i-tunes. I would like the link to open in the browser window like this one
    (cut and paste)

    the same problem occurs when I select "play this entire playlist" as you suggested in

    I wonder if the problem is that I uploaded the file from my desktop from i-tunes.

    any ideas???

  8. yeah, the link I posted has the effect I am looking for where as "Click and Listen" as posted by knoizki is having the same problem that I am encountering in my efforts.

  9. lil' help?

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