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MP3 Player Issues

  1. I am really stoked about the new mp3 player and have been using it on my blog. One thing that is starting to get a bit annoying is that if the player doesn't download fast enough and while playing it gets ahead, it closes itself and doesn't continue downloading.

    If you play it again, it only goes to what it downloaded previously in Firefox and in Safari. The only way to try and get the entire mp3 again is to clear the cache and try again and hope it downloads faster.

    Am I missing something here or is there a way to have it download the complete file if you start to play it and pause if necessary?


  2. If it helps, this occurs more times while using Firefox than Safari on Mac X 10.4.8 and happens all the time in Firefox and IE on Windows XP for me.


  3. Did you get a reply to your feedback? Support must be swamped. I haven't gotten my .wav issue resolved yet.

  4. I recieved a reply from support and they are having a bit of trouble replicating my issue. It always seems to happen with Firefox (not Safari) on any of my Macs and with Firefox and IE 7 on my XP install. Only happens as well on files over 4 megs and I am wondering if it is related to my satellite internet as the latency is horrible on it, but no other player or video source seems to replicate the problem. Strange....


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