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    Hi guys! I ask for your help! I would like to add a “sound” version to each post I write, so you can choose between reading the text or listening to the recorded version.
    Since I know it is not possible to host mp3 files in wordpress, I created myself in a free hosting service a ftp place where I can upload the sound files. But the thing is, how can I add the link to the post to make, e.g. an external player like real media to play the file?
    Thanks guys! And may wordpress be with u!



    You should just be able to make a link like you normally would if you were linking to a page elsewhere. If there’s an external player on the other end, you have to get with them to figure out how to invoke the player. If you’re just trying to create a link that players with a player on the visitor’s computer, then just’s just a normal link like to a page. (The visitor’s computer should automatically load the player that they have installed.)

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks drmike. I was thinking more in sth like a player embeded in the post. Maybe sth in flash. Is that possible?



    That would be on the hosters end where you’re hosting the podcast. doesn’t support it. I believe there is a plug in for WP that would act as a player but that would require you to host your blog elsewhere.


    ok. thanks a lot mike!

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